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Credit Card Bill of Rights Voting Bloc



Unite concerned citizens to demand their elected representatives support the Credit Card Bill of Rights bill In the House [H.R. 627] and in the Senate [S. 414][S. 392]. The bill would:

  • Protect consumers from "any time, any reason" interest rate increases and account changes;
  • Prohibit unfair application of card payments;
  • Protect cardholders who pay on time;
  • Limit fees and penalties;
  • Ensure that cardholders are informed of the terms of their account; and
  • Protect young consumers from credit card solicitations  (Dêmos 2009)


"As the financial sector continues to reap the consequences of the subprime debacle, banks are openly increasing interest rates and fees on their credit card customers in order to cover losses in other areas. The only reason this is possible is because in the absence of almost any regulation, issuers have tilted the playing field heavily in their favor." (Dêmos 2009)


Join this voting bloc to let your elected representatives know where you stand on the issue and how they can earn your vote.


In order to earn your bloc of votes candidates must support the Credit Cardholder Bill of Rights legislation now in Congress.  In the House [H.R. 627] and in the Senate [S. 414] & [S. 392].


We will keep you informed as to which candidates have supported the legislation and earned your vote with email updates.  You can also track the legislation in Congress using the Bill Tracker at the bottom of this page.



Bill Tracker for H.R.627, S.392, & S.414:








  • A voting bloc is a group of people who vote together in support of a specific issue or common concern.
  • Joining a voting bloc greatly strengthens your vote and your ability to influence government policy on a specific issue.
  • Provides a way to actively engage and support an issue that you care about.